Skin-Loving Sampler Set

Skin-Loving Sampler Set

Are you looking to try out samples of Earth Born Beauty's plant-based skincare products before you buy? Samples are a great way to find your favorite aroma and to determine which plant-based skincare product works best for your skin. One sample provides one to two uses, depending on the skincare product.

In your Skin-loving Sampler Set, you will find a sample of our Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Nourishing Body Butter and Artisan Soap. Simply select an aroma and your sample will be on its way. Please note that soap samples in your desired aroma are based on availability. In the event that your request is not in stock, we will notify you so that alternate selections can be requested.

Samples are a great way to find the right match for your skin tone, try a new pop of color, or see if you like the consistency and scent of a product. It can also be helpful to gauge your skin's response to the product. One sample provides one to two uses, depending on the product.

These products are your first steps toward beautiful, glowing and healthy skin. Enjoy!


*Black Pearl Skin-loving Sampler Set includes a sample of our pore cleansing facial soap and scrub, and sample of Oasis Facial Serum.

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