You Scrubbin? Daily or Weekly- Is There Such a Thing as Overdoing It?

Mar 12th 2019 Posted by Nicole body scrubs, frequency of scrubbing, how often, scrubs, sugar scrubs,

In our last blog, we delved a little into the skin science of why we need to exfoliate. We also talked about how scrubbing is nothing new and for centuries it has been regarded as an integral part of one’s skincare routine. If you missed our last blog, we highly recommend you checking it out. Follow the link to read All About Scrubs---Let’s Get Down to the Nitty Gritty.

Now that we have established why we need to scrub, let’s talk about how OFTEN we should scrub. And the answer is: DEPENDS ON YOUR SKIN TYPE. But generally, too much of a good thing is bad for you and that is definitely true in the world of exfoliation. Remember the purpose of scrubbing is to remove the dead skin cells that build up causing our skin to look dull, aged and unhealthy. Over-exfoliating can disrupt your skin cell’s natural life cycle producing the same results you were trying to overcome; namely skin irritation, rashes and an increase in breakouts.

In addition to knowing your skin type, considering the area of your body that you will be using the scrub is important. If you are using a body scrub and have normal to combination skin, then exfoliate two to three times a week. However, if you are using a body scrub and you have sensitive skin, only scrub once a week. As the texture of our face is different than our body, it is important to ensure the scrub has a milder exfoliant and helps to maintain natural oil production. Facial scrubs should only be used once a week. By keeping these frequencies in mind, you will soon start to notice the way regular exfoliation makes your skin glow.  

What else can you do to help your skincare routine by using scrubs? Well, using a facial or body scrub in a circular pattern helps to increase your body’s blood circulation in that area. This also aids in the breakdown of toxins and encourages the growth of new skin cells. Another way you can help to elevate your scrub routine is to hydrate; yep drinking water. Drinking water will help to keep dry skin away as water moisturizes your skin cells as they grow; keeping them healthy.

So, there you have it, scrubbing daily isn’t to your skin’s benefit and if you over exfoliate you won’t achieve the healthy and supple skin you desire. Plus, you can help to take your scrubbing treatment to the next level by doing it in a circular pattern and increasing your water intake.

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