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Why Earth Born Beauty over another plant-based skincare companies?

At Earth Born Beauty we desire to showcase your inner beauty through nature’s natural resources. We believe that our earth was created with the necessary elements that work with our internal systems, to help keep your skin hydrated, nourished and healthy. As such, we work with co-ops, small farmers and sustainable companies to ethically source our ingredients locally and from around the world to ensure the finest quality. We believe in plant power and we showcase that in each and every product that we craft.

Our products do not contain: synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals, detergents, animal products or mineral oil.

What will you will find in Earth Born Beauty’s products are: nutrient rich oils, moisturizing butters, pure essential oils and powerful herbs.

Are your products natural?

Earth Born Beauty is a 100% all-natural skincare company. Our products are plant-based with no synthetic fillers. Our skincare products are sourced using natural and certified organic ingredients, essential oils, plant extracts and plant-based colors. We believe that botanical ingredients make the best formulations allowing us to replenish naturally, without harsh chemicals.Using plant-based ingredients in our products equals goodness for your skin and respect for our beautiful planet.

Are your products vegan?

Our dedication to plant-based skincare can be seen in the selection of nourishing oils and butters that we use as bases for our products. While we are 100% plant-based, we are not 100% vegan. Some of our products do contain honey and beeswax; but the majority is vegan-friendly. The following aroma skincare collections are not vegan friendly: Honey Oat Fields, Irish Rose (soap) and Lavender Moon (soap).

All of our product’s ingredients can be viewed on their description page or on the product itself. If you have any questions, contact us at

Are your products nut-free?

No, our products are not nut-free as many of them contain Shea Butter. As more and more persons are exhibiting nut-related allergies, we are continually looking into fruit and vegetable alternatives.

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not, our skincare line is 100% cruelty free. Our products are NEVER tested on animals. We only use our friends and family as guinea pigs.

What is the shelf life of your products?

We make our products from scratch in small batches. As we strive to keep our products as natural as possible, we do not use any synthetic preservatives. Our Nourishing Body Butter, Refresh Lip Butter and Restore Facial Oil (coming soon) will remain fresh and usable for up to 24 months. Our Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs and Pore Cleansing Facial Scrubs are best used within the 12 months after opening; depending on storage conditions. Our Hydrating Body Mist is best used within 8-12 months; depending on storage conditions. Storing your products in a shaded and cool area, away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity will aid in product longevity.

From what countries do you source your ingredients?

Plants and other botanicals contain a multitude of nutrients which nourish, cleanse, moisturize and restore our skin. We source some of our purest ingredients from around the world to guarantee the potency of our products. We are proud to work with co-op and sustainable groups in the countries where we source the ingredients to help revitalize their farms, tribes, villages and small towns. Some of the countries where we source our ingredients are Ghana, India and the United States.

Do you offer free samples?

Earth Born Beauty’s products are crafted in small batches in order to maintain the highest level of freshness and integrity of our ingredients. We do not currently offer samples, however we have created some trial collections of our most popular items for your convenience.

Are your products safe to use on children or when pregnant?

Earth Born Beauty’s natural products are packed with antioxidants, botanical oils, and herbal extracts to promote holistic wellness. We use a variety of pure essential oils to further provide skin-loving benefits. While the majority of our products pose no risk to those who are pregnant, nursing or to young children, the following products contain essential oils that may be of a concern: Hawaiian Petal and Rainforest Blue skincare collections. In addition, we always recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner before using any skincare products that contain essential oils.

I have extremely sensitive skin; will I react to Earth Born Beauty’s products?

Everybody’s skin is different and therefore may react differently to a variety of products. What product may work wonders for your skin, may not for others. While not rare, some people do have allergic reactions to natural ingredients. Some people have nut or pollen allergies and need to take precaution, while others do not. All of our products are crafted for those who have dry and sensitive skin. However, we do suggest you perform a patch test prior to use.


All information included on this website is for information purposes only. Essential Oils can cause allergic reaction and sensitivity in some people.

Nothing noted on this website should be construed as an attempt to diagnose, prescribe, or recommend, in any manner, a treatment for any health ailment or condition. Consult your own physician regarding the treatment of any medical condition. This information is not a replacement for a thorough consultation and examination from a licensed health professional.


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