About Our Founder



For as long as I can remember, my skin has been my nemesis. Whether contending with acne as a preteen, eczema in my late teens or just being overly dry in general; my skin and I never seemed to get along. It probably didn’t help that the weather conditions in Maryland, vary in temperature and humidity by season, thus triggering allergies I didn’t know I had. As a child, my mom tried almost everything to provide me with relief, but nothing seemed to help. It wasn’t until I had children and they developed skin problems that I was determined to find a solution that worked. When I took a hard look at the ingredients of the products that I had been using on myself and my family’s skin, I was appalled at the extensive list of chemicals. I discovered that many of the ingredients were drying, skin irritants and toxic to the body. My research and studies led me to want to create a more natural option to care for my family’s skin. Over the years, I discovered which natural oils, butters and herbs soothe and calm my family’s problematic skin. As a result, I’ve learned to love and respect my own skin!

Through this process, I realized my true passion for natural skincare and Earth Born Beauty was born. Founded in 2013, Earth Born Beauty is a natural alternative to big brand, mass-produced skincare. As a small company with BIG DREAMS, my desire is to educate and change the way you care for your skin and ultimately feel about yourself. We are a plant based, all-natural skincare company. We take pride that our products are formulated with nutrient-rich natural oils, butters and herbs that help restore the skin to its natural state allowing it to feel refreshed, glow with a healthy radiance and function properly. Our products are cruelty free, ethically sourced, fairly traded and contain no synthetic dyes, detergents, chemicals, parabens or lanolin. Additionally, they are petroleum free, non-GMO, preservative and free of synthetic fragrances. Our products are essentially natural health food for your skin. We want to share our love for natural skincare products with you; whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin or both…Earth Born Beauty’s skincare products will nourish and hydrate; making you love your skin again!


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